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ATAGalleryConstructionRita - Queen of Speed › April 1st 2005
Opening Day
The first day of Rita's opening to the public, and the main queue line is used for the first time.
A train full of guests flies past Corkscrew's station.
Looking up through the netting that covers part of Rita's queue line, to stop falling objects from injuring guests.
By 10am, the queue line was already getting full. This was partly due to the fact that the second train had still not been signed over to the park by Intamin. it is hoped to be running by Sunday or Monday.
The inside of the food stall next to Rita's queue line. Not much equipment has been fitted yet, so for the time being, the only item being sold is Cornetto Soft ice creams.
Looking at the huge dinosaur skull from Rita's queue line.
Corkscrew was also only running one train, due to problems with the second train. However Corkscrew's queue was understandably much shorter than Rita's.
Rita had absolutely no technical problems or downtime today, which is amazing to think about when a lot of the "established" rides were having problems!
Corkscrew in the fading daylight.
One of Corkscrew's trains in the brake run. Riders really get a great view of Rita as it speeds above them.
Rita, in mid-launch. The ride's first day of official operation went smoothly, congratulations to the park on another successful installation!
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