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Here are a few photographs of the model of the new coaster that is on display in the Towers Trading Company shop. These photos really do not do the model justice, so if you are visiting the park, pop in and take a look for yourself.
The display in the Towers Trading Company shop.
The loading station will be underneath this building that will probably become a shop/restaurant. Only time will tell.
From a different angle, you can see where you will enter the loading station below the shop/restaurant.
The lift hill emerging from the first tunnel, and going up into the trees above Nemesis. You will be lying face down at this point in the ride.
Looking down the first drop back towards the loading station.
Another shot from the first drop, looking towards the central plaza of the new area.
The first inversion (centre), will take you into a face-up position.
A view of the model showing the central part of the ride before it dives into the second tunnel.
Here the ride exits the second tunnel, past what looks like either a waterfall, or just an unfortunate paint run...
After emerging from the second tunnel, a right helix takes you back past the loading station.
Another view of the helix, showing how close it gets to the loading station.
Another helix to the rear of the site, next to the car parks, over what seems to be a lake.
Another view of the final helix. Note the substantial queuing lines.
Here is the view you will get from Ripsaw looking towards the new ride next year.
The queue entrance, with the air logo above the entrance.
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