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ATAGalleryConstructionAir › April 3rd 2001
In comparison to Oblivion, Air (SW5) is getting much more publicity. This large banner was fastened to the fence that surrounds the site at the beginning of the season, but now is at the top of Towers Street.
The exit of the first tunnel, and what will become the lift hill. Notice how close the track will be going to the Monorail track. A little concrete has already been poured at this early stage in construction.
The tunnel appears to have been blasted, and dug out. Iron work will then be constructed, and further concrete then poured into the moulds along with the iron work.
Many of the footers for the track supports have already been constructed, such as this one close to the Nemesis track. Many more have also been constructed, or are in the process of being constructed in the woods above Nemesis.
Looking down the length of the site, here is where the loading and unloading station will be built. It is generally accepted that there will be two loading/unloading stations, to allows a higher throughput of passengers.
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