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ATAGalleryEvents2005 › PlayStation 2 Freedom Weekender
1st - 4th September 2005
The PlayStation tent at the end of Towers Street.
Another tent at end of Towers Street. Here, guests could play consoles under the car or motorbike.
A large screen at the top of Towers Street. It was last used here during the Sound of Music event this year.
The zip line that allowed people to fly over the lake. Not for the faint-hearted...!
One of several PlayStation vans dotted around the park, which were giving away freebies to guests.
One such freebie was this orange ball, with the PlayStation 2 Freedom Weekender logo on.
The Free to Party stage, situated in the middle of Ug Land, which had live music being played.
A close-up of the Free to Party tent. Later on, there was a break-dancing show in front of the tent.
McFly, who were at the park to promote their new album. Their presence could also be felt around Nemesis, where their music replaced the normal soundtrack, and their logos adorned the Nemesis trains.
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