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ATAGalleryConstructionCharlie and the Chocolate Factory › October 29th 2005
Before the fireworks started, this message was displayed on the giant screen in front of the lake.
What had been a large hole in the ground, has now been filled in with concrete.
There are more holes around the site. Here you can see a square one - possibly for one of the lifts.
The hole at the back of the construction site.
The front of the building is largely unchanged, with the exception of the Elephant statue, which will be replaced by faux "factory gates".
Nothing visibly different at the boarding point.
Later in the day, you can see that the JCB is doing some more excavation work.
A closeup of the vehicles working on the site.
Two workers adjusting a frame of some kind next at the side of the warehouse.
A better view of the concrete-filled hole. Comparing it to the plans, it seems to be around the area of the exit path.
Later still, you can see that the scaffolding that was being put up earlier has now been completed, and is also across the rest of the side of the building.
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