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ATAGalleryConstructionCharlie and the Chocolate Factory › November 25th 2005
A trench has been dug the length of Cred Street.
The trench is needed to lay more power cables to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.
The brick paving will be re-used, and you can see stacks of them adjacent to the trench.
From Vintage Cars, we look down Cred Street towards the building site.
Here's where the cables run from - a substation behind the "Gingerbread House" next to Vintage Cars.
This is the disabled entrance and exit to Hex, which the cables will run underneath en route to the substation.
The Gallopers Carousel has had its horses removed, for their routine winter maintenance.
Standing next to "Incredible Ices", you can see a glimpse of steelwork on the construction site.
A bit closer, and you can see that the metal framework spans the area previously used for the extended queue line.
The height of the metal structure, which will house the hydraulic lifts, dwarfs the McDonalds next door. When work is complete, the building will be around 20m tall.
Parts of scenery from the old Toyland Tours attraction have now been moved next to the courtyard tavern. We assume they are awaiting removal.
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