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ATAGalleryConstructionCharlie and the Chocolate Factory › January 24th 2006
A large amount of materials have been placed in front of the main warehouse, seen to the right of this photograph.
Looking up at the faux chimney that forms part of the fascia.
The new frontage has yet to be decorated.
Looking at the main part of the fascia - you can see framework is in place to hold the ride's logo.
Inside, we take a look up the old exit path. This will now only be used for staff access.
Turning to the right, you can see a piece of Toyland theming to the right which has not been removed - no need, as the public will never see this area.
Inside the station, access to the first turn of the ride is still covered up.
From the same spot, you can see that the old "Party Room" has been left undecorated. Again, guests will never see this section any more so there is no need to theme it.
Can you recognise this section? It's where the queue line used to come down on the other side of the station to the entrance, and guests would stand on the floor here prior to boarding. It is now covered up.
Looking through into the Chocolate Room.
You can see that there is still a fair bit of work to be done in here.
The old "Party Room", which will not be seen by guests - the boats will pass through en route from the Offload area to the main station.
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