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ATAGalleryConstructionCharlie and the Chocolate Factory › March 11th 2006
On the wall of Guest Services in Towers Street, these CCF posters have appeared.
A closer look at one of the posters. Note the way Willy Wonka's legs seem to be outside the boat...
In the boardroom above Corner Coffee in Towers Street, an Oompa-Loompa sits in a box. It's smaller than we'd expected - literally only a couple of feet high!
The uncovered extension section of the new ride.
Looking over to the right, you can see the half-uncovered golden ticket logo.
The rest of the building has yet to be revealed, though the covers are due to come off in the next week.
A close-up of the logo above the entrance.
In the shop in the Alton Towers Hotel, there is now quite a range of CCF merchandise available. Expect to see the same items in Towers Trading when the park reopens.
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