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ATAGalleryConstructionPeugeot Driving School › June 17th 2006
With the proposed opening date of July 17th only 4 weeks away, the construction site is really starting to take shape.
A new speaker has been attached to the wall of the old Sweet Shop, presumably for the attraction's soundtrack, or maybe for sound effects as kids drive around.
The metal frame has now been covered - speculation suggests this could be the car wash section.
A closer look at the structure which covers a small part of the circuit.
A bridge is being constructed to allow guests to get from Fountain Square into Cred Street through the archway, rather than having to go the long way around.
A closer look at the steps on one side of the incomplete bridge.
And here's the other side. The bridge will probably double up nicely as a viewing platform for parents watching their children enjoy the ride.
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