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ATAGalleryConstructionMutiny Bay › October 20th 2007
The lake where the Splash Battle will be constructed has now been sealed off.
The Splash Karts have been removed, and the lake drained.
Visitors now have to go around or through the Courtyard Tavern to get to Haunted Hollow and the Gardens.
Looking over the fence. At the moment there is no "announcement sign" telling guests what is happening here next year.
It will be quite a big job to clear the area.
Looking from the area next to the main lake.
Work on the other side has progressed quickly - the buildings that housed the Splash Kart Challenge station have already been demolished.
A closer look at the platform. Given the surroundings, you have to assume that the station for the new ride will be situated in roughly the same spot.
This is where the smaller lake connects with the main one. The water used in the new ride will all have to be filtered, however.
A wide shot of the Splash Battle lake, showing the sizeable area that the new attraction will be situated in.
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