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24th June 2005A piece on the new ride in Alton Towers' staff newsletter, "The Source".
22nd September 2005An artist's impression of the Chocolate Factory.
26th October 2005A colour version of the artist's impression gives us a better idea of how the new ride's building will look next year.
6th January 2006The ride logo for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is finally unveiled!
13th January 2006A slightly different logo has now appeared, with several differences to other version. It is unclear at this stage which one is the final version.
17th January 2006This new logo does not replace the ride's logo - it's what will appear on the front of the factory itself.
21st January 2006Another day, another logo...
This one appeared in an online article by The Sun newspaper.
27th January 2006The final version of the CCF logo, in all its high-resolution glory.
28th January 2006A rendering of how the new ride will look from the outside. The image corresponds with what we've already seen on the construction site so it is likely to be an accurate depiction of the final 'look'.
23rd February 2006The models made by Robert Harrop, the likeness of which is used in the CCF artwork.
11th March 2006Here is an artist's impression of how the Great Glass Elevators look.
23rd March 2006The updated Golden Ticket logo, as seen above the entrance to the ride.
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