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May 2004The 2005 Ug Land uniform gives little away about the theming. The colour of the uniform has changed to fit with Rita, but the Ug Land logo remains.
June 2004The current prehistoric Ug Land theme, which looks set to stay for 2005 at the very least. Will Rita blend in perfectly, or will the ride have its own standalone theme?
January 2005The ride shop and photo booth under construction. It suggests a possible mix of the prehistoric Ug Land theme and the new, speedy racing theme.
February 2005The Ug Land entrance arch now has foghorns attached, emphasizing the two themes to visitors.
February 2005The test train on track, complete with hot-rod style flames along the side of the car. This ties in to the racing theme.
February 2005Rita's queue line entrance, themed as a half-tyre, reinforces the racing theme.
February 2005Continuing the "chequered" theme, some announcement masts (themed as claxons) have appeared on the station platform, as well as the control booth being themed as a race control box. Also, the words "Thunder Rock Rally" possibly point towards a merging of Rita and Ug Land - the font for the words "Race Control" is the Rita font, yet the font for "Thunder Rock Rally" is the font usually used for Ug Land...
February 2005Rita's queue line is starting to be marked out. The checked theme is continued here.
February 2005And more checked patterns, here seen on the side of the hydraulics shed. There will probably be some games machines in front of the building. Note the dinosaur bones in the foreground too, directing guests to the entrance of Corkscrew's queue line.
March 2005The Corkscrew dinosaur skull is back in Ug Land, to add to the prehistoric feel to the area which the park clearly don't want to lose just yet.
March 2005Even the backs of the trains are part of the racing theme - note the Cadillac-style sides.
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