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12th February 2005This is the first turn as it flies over the hydraulics building (far right), and also the third twist that comes very close to the first one.
12th February 2005From the back of the construction site, we can see the now completed ride circuit The building towards the left of the photo is the Corkscrew on-ride photo shop.
12th February 2005Here's a wider view of the above.
12th February 2005This is where the track "wraps around" Corkscrew's photo shop, and heads into another airtime hill (to the right of the photo).
12th February 2005Another shot of the first and third banked turns, this time from a more distant perspective.
19th February 2005Rita's final turn, with one of the trains sat in the brake run.
19th February 2005The construction site, as seen through the Ug Land entrance arch.
26th March 2005A train launches as guests look on.
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