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ATAGalleryConstructionRita - Queen of Speed › February 17th 2005
Rita's presence will be very much felt even by the Sky Ride station next to Ug Land. You can just see the maintenance garage being constructed alongside the train on the track.
The final turn of Rita, with a car resting in the brake run. This turn will be taken at a reasonably low speed as it immediately follows some trim/block brakes.
Down by Corkscrew's brake run, you can see how close Rita comes to the Vekoma - a very stark contrast between old and new! Also, you get a clearer view of the maintenance shed frame from here.
The train in the brake run. Tying in with the already apparent theming, the cars have a very striking "hot rod" image about them.
A closer look at the front of the train. The ride's logo is clearly displayed inamongst the "flame" graphics.
A closeup of a row of seats, which confirms that the ride has OTSRs ("over the shoulder restraints").
Looking down the brake run, at the station. You can clearly see the brake section above and to the right of the station platform. Also note the transfer track mechanism, which normally would be across to the right to allow trains to enter the station.
The final turn, brake run, and also the transfer table which leads into the maintenance shed for the ride.
The launch section of track. Even though the steelwork is all in place, there is still a lot of work to do before the ride can open to the public!
From inside the "control tower", you can clearly see the steps up to the platform for the normal queue and priority pass holders. Also note the exit steps just behind them.
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