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ATAGalleryConstructionRita - Queen of Speed › February 19th 2005
Rita's control tower. Note the distinctly "Ug Land" patterns on the stairs up to the door.
The track dominates the Ug Land skyline.
The view through the Ug Land entrance arch. work is continuing on the station area of the ride.
Rita's ride photo booth and shop, which now seems to be complete. The "race track in Ug Land" theme is achieved by mixing the prehistoric leopardskin look and the chequered poles.
One of the trains sat in the brake run. Once assembled fully, the trains will be five cars in length. On the front train, you can just make out a "Rita" logo leading into the flame motif.
The final turn of Rita, with Corkscrew right next to it.
The train in the brake run. Work is also going on under the station at the moment.
You can see the frame, to the right of the control tower, that will hold the themed "starting lights" for the ride.
The Rita maintenance shed, still under construction.
Above the Rita train, the striking image of Corkscrew and Rita. Ug Land will be very crowded from 2005 onwards, in more ways than one!
In Fountain Square, the RCS construction team are still very much hard at work.
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