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ATAGalleryConstructionRita - Queen of Speed › February 23rd 2005
Corkscrew's station, without a roof to cover it from the snow fall. Note how close Rita comes to it.
From Corkscrew's brake run, we take a look towards Rita's station.
A closer shot of one of Rita's trains, sat in the launch area.
From Corkscrew, we take a look across at Rita's hydraulics shed, along with the "tyre" entrance sign, and the posts marking out Rita's queue line.
The Priority Pass Queue entrance (left) and the Single Rider Queue entrance (right), complete with "flaming tyre" signs.
A look at one of the Rita trains, now fully assembled. As anticipated, the train is five cars in length. No modifications have been made to the restraints at present.
Rita's queue line entrance sign, as seen from the front. The tyre motif is continued here also.
Corkscrew's queue line entrance, which has now been reinstalled in Ug Land, having been removed in December.
Another look at the sign. In the background, you can see both Corkscrew's queue line being built and also part of Rita's.
These posts in front of Rita's station are marking out the normal and single rider queue lines.
Ug Bugs, which has been relocated to the old Cadbury's Chocolate House site in Cred Street. It remains to be seen whether the ride will keep its old name in 2005.
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