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A look inside the Octagon room with the lights on. Notice the lighting rig at the top used for thunder/lighning effects during the ride - this can be lowered down to floor level for maintenance purposes.
10:44amTerry talks about the Oblivion chain that has been replaced (shown in the skip!), the Nemesis chain's lifespan, and why Thunder Looper was removed from the park in 1996.
One of the first two loaded test launches of Thunder Looper, in 1990.
One of the first two loaded test launches of Thunder Looper, in 1990.
One of the first two loaded test launches of Thunder Looper, in 1990.
One of the first two loaded test launches of Thunder Looper, in 1990.
Looking at Thunder Looper from the New Beast's lift hill.
The view on board Thunder Looper.
An amazing view of the Forbidden Valley, taken from the top of the rear spire of Thunder Looper.
Looking at the tall end tower of Thunder Looper from the New Beast.
Looking towards Thunder Looper on a misty winter day.
On Thunder Looper's station platform.
Taken at the beginning of 1996, this shot shows Nemesis, now almost two years old, dominating the landscape in Forbidden Valley. Also shown is Thunder Looper, with 1996 being its final year in the park. Look closely, and you'll see that Thunder Looper was actually in action when this picture was taken.
A superb view of the Nemesis construction site, taken from the top of Thunder Looper.
A nice arty shot of the New Beast and Thunder Looper.
This was the Thunder Valley before Nemesis, Air, Ripsaw and Blade.
The control tower on the station platform, which now says "Race Control, Thunder Rock Rally".
Surprisingly, instead of the old Ug Land rock sign going back in place, there's a new banner instead, welcoming guests to "Ug Land and The Thunder Rock Rally, featuring Rita".
The fog horns on the station platform have now been reattached. The "TRRR" at the top stands for "Thunder Rock Rally Radio", which is the name given to the faux radio station being played around the area.
February 2005Continuing the "chequered" theme, some announcement masts (themed as claxons) have appeared on the station platform, as well as the control booth being themed as a race control box. Also, the words "Thunder Rock Rally" possibly point towards a merging of Rita and Ug Land - the font for the words "Race Control" is the Rita font, yet the font for "Thunder Rock Rally" is the font usually used for Ug Land...
Thunder Looper in action in 1993.
This is the view that greeted you when entering the Forbidden Valley (called Thunder Valley back then) in 1993.
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